Who we are

We are a Finnish company dedicated to bring up new and remarkable alcohol products, both locally and internationally. Our team is committed to carry our portfolio with pride, and works persistently for the success of the products, which we represent. We are based in Helsinki, Finland.


What we do

We exist to develop, distribute and promote remarkable alcohol beverages, which are of premium quality. Alcohol exports and imports are both our business. Currently it's mainly lonkero, which keeps us busy, as we are pushing the traditional Finnish drink to a new kind of glide on the international market.

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One more thing

We believe that exceptional results are achieved through honest, transparent, hard-working and sincere relationships, and we as a company are dedicated to these values. If you find our portfolio interesting, or have something amazing to offer for the Finnish market, or simply have an opinion, which we should hear, please don't hesitate to be in touch with us. We would love to hear from you.